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Darrell & Connie Case
Dick & Doreen Corley
Dorothy Schwarze
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Art Stejskal 
Now Resides In: Plantation, FL
Church Visitation

Art and Alice Stejskal worked for 28 adventurous years with the Amis People on the East coast of Taiwan.  They produced literacy materials and had the trill of teaching this tribe to read and write their own language for the first time.  Art preached and conducted Bible conferences, using the Amis Bible.  TEAM missionaries translated the Bible, which is published by the Taiwan Bible Society and is still used by the Amis churches today.

Art and Alice helped build and serve in the Taitung Christian Hospital which ministered to very poor people with limited medical facilities available.  Art served as chaplain, evangelistic coordinator and administrator.  Alice used her RN training , nursing and leading the mobile clinic outreach.

On October 29, 1986, the Evangelical Alliance Mission asked Art and Alice to transfer to the Philippines to direct TEAM's church planting ministry there to a very responsive people.  They were involved in helping develop churches and field administration.  Art and Alice were responsible for 17 missionary families and their ministries.  In each church, he has expanded his ministry by recruiting and training Lay Shepherds to help care for members of their congregation.

Presently Art is  Pastor of Visitation at Rio Vista Community Church of Ft. Lauderdale, FL.  Art is also coordinating a resident-to-resident Companion Care Ministry in Covenant Village of Florida.  Alice died in August of 2010.
Darrell & Connie Case
Terre Haute, IN
Jail and Prison Ministry
Souls for Christ

Darrell and Connie Case serve in a jail and prison ministry called Souls for Christ.  Darrell ministers to the inmates in the Vigo County Jail, Vermillion County Jail, Wabash Valley Correctional Facility in Carlisle, IN, the Clark County Jail, and the Robinson Correctional Facility in IL.  Connie does the bookkeeping for the ministry.

They also offer Bible studies to inmates through Source of Light. Darrell had also written a book, Live Life to the Fullest, available at Heaven Bound, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.  
Dick & Doreen Corley 
Iran & Turkey
Now Reside In: Columbia, SC
Evangelism and Discipleship
Lou & Linda Harrison
Morrison, CO
Military Evangelism

Lou and Linda met and were married during Bible school years and joined OCSC / Cadence in May 1966.  They served briefly first in Vietnam, then in the Philippines, Thailand, Missouri, Germany, and Italy.  These ministry assignments were followed by 13 years as Director of Asia-Pacific Ministries.  Desiring to return to direct ministry to troops, the Harrisons next served the soldiers and families of the Army's 10th Mountain Division at Ft. Drum, NY for 4 1/2 years.  This was followed by 4 1/2 years on loan (as Cadence missionaries) to the Oceanside Servicemen's Center (dba The Anchor) where they ministered to the Marines of Camp Pendleton, CA.

Currently, they are serving as Cadence Ambassadors.  Ambassadors are individuals who no longer serve at a full-time ministry yet represent and carry-on the tradition of Cadence ministries.  Many ambassadors represent Cadence through speaking to church groups, traveling to encourage or fill-in for current missionaries, and inviting others to join Cadence.  
Steve & Anne Knox
Vanderwagon, NM
Camp Director at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch

Steve grew up in Lebanon as a Missionary kid.  He loved going to camp during the summer months and served as a camp counselor for several years.  After graduation from Bob Jones University, he visited his parents who were then in Cypress.  The administrator then invited him to come to California.  He attended Galt Bible Church and met Anne there.  They were married and became the parents of Matthew an Holly.  Steve learned there was a need for a Camp Director at UIM International.  They joined UIM International and Steve became the Camp Director of Broken Arrow Bible Ranch at Vanderwagon NM.  Broken Arrow Bible Ranch is a project of UIM International dedicated to reaching native youth in the surrounding areas and reservations with the gospel.  In addition to summer camp, there are various retreats and Bible studies all winter long.       
Beulah Martin 
Charleston, IL
Bible Study Leader / Missions Com.

I, a farmer's daughter, grew up on a family farm southeast of Charleston, IL.  My parents were godly parents, and I was saved at age 9.  As a gifted musician, I have played the piano and organ at church services, Sunday schools, and youth meetings.  After graduation from Illinois Commercial College with a major in accounting, I worked for several companies, including a family-owned retail business.  I handled all of the financial details of the company.

On coming to CLC Ministries International at Fort Washington, PA in 1992, my responsibility was accounting for CLC Publications and CLC Bookcenters.  At that time, CLC was short-staffed, and I know I came in answer to their prayers.  I reorganized the office and color-coded the files.  Much detail work was required and with the growth of CLC, I trained others to help, mostly volunteers.  Coming into missionary work from secular employment was a big adjustment, but the Lord helped me.  In the 12 years that I was with CLC, I did not lack.  That's a demonstration of the Lord's providing for me.

After retirement, I moved back to Charleston and am currently serving on the missions committee. the music committee, an a prayer chain caption at Charleston Bible Church.  One of my favorite Bible verses is Phillippians 4:4, "Rejoice in the Lord always, and again I say, Rejoice."
Hank & Karen Zeck
Osceola, IN
Technical Engineer

Hank and Karen are missionaries with SonSet Solutions, formerly known as HCJB Global Technology Center in Elkhart, IN.  Here, Hank is involved  in radio planting, helping the Church wolrdwide to broadcast to their own people by missionary radio.  The Sonset Radio, an FM solar powered radio is another project we have designed.  He has  also been used by God to establish broadcasting by satellite.  Hank builds short-wave transmitters to be shipped overseas for the purpose of broadcasting the gospel.  He is currently building the TB1000 shortwave transmitter with a range of 300-500 miles.  The last TB1000 transmitter was shipped to Central African Republic  and covers the entire country of 4 million people.

Gertrude Gammon 
South Africa
Now Resides In: Peoria, IL
Nursing Home Ministry

Gertrude grew up on a dairy farm in Illinois and helped her father milk the cows.  She is a graduate of Wheaton College.  She taught school in Eagle Grove, Iowa before going to South Africa in 1951 with TEAM Mission.  She taught 2 years at the Evangelical Teacher Training College with the motto "Every Teacher Teaching Christ."  Graduates became head teachers throughout Zululand to bring children to the Savior.  She taught 8 years at Franson Christian High School in Swaziland.  

After school and on Saturdays, the Lord helped her compile a Zulu New Testament concordance.  It took 7 years to complete.  By that time, the entire Bible had been printed in the new orthography.  The Old Testament is three times as long, so she left teaching to continue the work on a concordance for the entire Bible at the Ekuseni Mission School in Zululand where the students wonderfully helped arrange the phrases.  It was completed in 1978.  Then she helped translate into Zulu (Theological Education by Extension) Bible study books for preachers who could not leave their families to attend Bible school.

In 1982, she married Theodore Gammon (son of missionaries to Angola).  For 6 years they took the gospel to Cape Town hospital patients.  In 1988 they came to America and visited residents in 28 nursing homes.  In 2007, the Lord took Theodore home to heaven.  After her husband's homegoing, Gertrude wrote a book titled Africa Treks: Stories of Victory from the African Bush.   It consists of short stories with many fascinating photos, designed especially for children.

Gertrude continues to visit residents in nursing homes and also helps wrap Bibles for Berean Prison Ministry Bible Studies to send to prisoners in all 50 states.  She also helps correct the Bible lessons the prisoners have returned.
Jeff & Heather Stutzman
Church Planting

Jeff and Heather are church planting missionaries in the Philippines.  They have finished their first term in Metro Manila, learning the Tagalog language.  They plan to plant churches in the population centers of the province of Pangasian.  Their starting point is in the city of Dagupan.  Dagupan is centrally located in the province and is the most population-dense city.  They have not found even one church that preaches the true gospel in this city.  They will start with evangelization through personal contact with the people.  Once someone is saved, they will begin discipleship, which will be geared towards planting a church that is looking to reproduce itself.  Their plan is for  a Filipino to pastor the church. They have two sons, Sam and Izaak.
Dorothy Schwarze 
Now Resides In: Freeport, IL
Sunday School Teacher / Missions Com.
Jan Koch
Brady & Candy Farr
Brady and Candy Farr
Johannesburg, South Africa

Brady and Candy Farr both grew up in missionary families.  Brady's parents were missionaries with American Missionary Fellowship in rural Washington State, and Candy's parents were missionaries with New Tribes Mission in two remote tribal locations in Venezuela and Brazil.  

From an early age, both Brady and Candy desired to serve the Lord in missions.  God has prepared them for this work through 14 years of pastoral ministry together.  They are serving with Biblical Ministries Worldwide at MountainView Bible Church at Johannesburg, South Africa.  The Farrs have four children: Travis, Dylan, Ashleigh, and Emma and one adopted child, Mbali.
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